Oct 012013
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Hi everybody.  I wanted to give you all an update on Sasha.  I’m happy to say that she is doing very well.  Her left leg continues to be a little painful, but she is getting around just fine.  The last few days have been particularly good.  I think part of it is that Liliana and I are back to a normal work schedule, and when we return home (we commute together), Sasha greets us with all the other dogs by barking and making a variety of sounds to express her displeasure with us for having been away for too long!  She has a bit of a temper when she is upset.  She then trots over to us for a quick pet, and then runs to the French doors to be let out in the back yard.  All the other dogs do the same thing, but Sasha is COMPETITIVE, and she barks and tries to work her way to the front of the pack.  Liliana and I are afraid that she will get knocked over and hurt by the other dogs, but you should see the excitement and intensity in her eyes!  She continues to surprise and amaze us!

Sasha double pic

I wrote, in my last post, that Sasha would be going back to UPenn to be re-vaccinated.  Liliana and Sasha made the trip on their own this time.  They arrived in Philly on Wednesday, September 18th, and spent the night in a hotel.  Sasha has always enjoyed hotels, but this time was her first time being in one without the whole family.  From what Liliana told me, Sasha didn’t seem to mind.

Sasha asking for water  Resting  20130919_080539_resized  20130919_073729_resized

The next morning, the girls headed out to the hospital.  As usual, Sasha was super happy to see Dr. Mason.  Liliana captured this short video of their reunion on her phone.

The re-vaccination went well.  In Sasha’s discharge papers, Dr. Mason wrote “Sasha tolerated her 5th vaccination relatively well.”  As expected, Sasha developed a fever, and in fact, it was the highest fever recorded in any dog participating in the trial.  The fever was brought down by the use of fluids and anti-inflammatory treatment.  Sasha also vomited several times, but this was brought under control with an anti-emetic.  Dr. Mason wrote, “Her white blood cell changes today are not typical of what we usually see, and one possible explanation is that her immune response is somewhat suppressed by her tumor burden.  Her clinical signs following vaccination, however, do indicate that her immune system was able to ‘see’ the vaccine, and respond in the immediate post-vaccination period”.

Liliana and Sasha said their goodbyes to Dr. Mason on Friday, 20Sep, and started driving to Hagerstown, MD to spend the night with my aunt and my grandfather.  Sasha enjoyed being out in the yard in the cool air, but I think, even more than that, she enjoyed the food!  She got to eat some Lil’ Wieners, Lil’ Smokies, Cuban chicken salad, and some of her mom’s taco!  She was spoiled, but that’s ok – she’s been through a lot.

20130920_180212_resized  20130920_163157_resized  20130920_222933_resized  20130921_095701_resized

I was very happy to see my girls return on Saturday.  I missed them, but I know that they had a good time out on the road, in the hotel, and at my aunt’s house.  Plus, Sasha got to see her friend, Dr Mason.  I know that made her happy.  We know the disease is progressing, but we hope that, along with Sasha’s strong spirit and stubbornness, the vaccine will help keep her with us for longer.  For now, we’re just going to keep enjoying life.

Ready to go back home!

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  6 Responses to “Sasha’s Goes for Re-vaccination”

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    This is W O N D E R F U L news!

    I’m very happy for you all. But really, don’t you think it’s rather mean to put Sasha through the hotel ordeal? I think she shows signs of suffering. Just sayin’.

    -robin and henry


    Hi Robin. I appreciate your comment, however, I feel that I must have been unclear about how Sasha felt about the hotel. Sasha enjoys hotels. She always has, and she enjoyed her time in the hotel while in Philly. Perhaps the photos in the post give the wrong impression. The ride to Philly was long, and Sasha was tired from the hours spent in the back seat of the Jeep. Without being there, you could not know, but trust me, spending the night in a hotel is a treat for Sasha (and for all of our dogs). Now, having a bath is what Sasha would call an ordeal!! And that’s funny considering how much Sasha loves swimming!



    I was being ironic. The pics make it more than clear that Sasha’s blissed out at the hotel. 🙂



    Hi Guys!!
    Hope all gets better with Sasha.
    Hope you don’t mind, I gave a woman your site re: her girl Babs having amputation today. They live in Ohio, and are looking in to joining the study.
    There is a facebook page called Osteosarcoma in Dogs, I think you should contact page and request to join.
    You have SO MUCH to offer on the subject!!!
    God Bless!!
    Much Love to All!


      Hi Linda, its so great to hear from you! And thank you for your well wishes for Sasha as well as for sharing the site with Babs’ mom. We’d be more than happy to speak with her about our experience.

      I’ll check out the Facebook group you mentioned 🙂



    Hey guys, was thinking of Sasha and thought I would check to see how your little girl is doing. Hoping the higher fever this time around works in Sasha’s favor. Hope all is well. When is her next check up?

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