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My name is Liliana, you can call me Lili – welcome to my blog!

My husband has been encouraging me to start my own blog.  He knows that I’ve been wanting to do it, and he thinks that it would be good for me.  I think he’s right.  I have been wanting to do it for a long time.  I’ve been hesitant for various reasons, one of which is that English is my second language.  I hate to use, English as a second language, as an excuse for not writing well since I know that I could improve if I tried.  I think that reading books would help me.  Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to read, and boy do I buy books in hopes of reading them, I just don’t.  Maybe one day I will read more, who knows?  I’ll keep hoping and trying! I think that it could also be helpful for me to just write more and this blog will help me to do that.  So, if you happen to find my blog, please excuse the bad grammar, misplaced commas and even the occasional made up word.  I promise to try and get better over time.

Carlos and I met online and have been married 13 years.  We have no human kids but have 5 awesome dogs that we love – more about them here.  This blog will be about our life, house projects, fitness goals, dogs and how my so handy husband saves us money by handling most of our car issues and just ramblings about our thoughts, likes/dislikes and just stuff!

Life:  We moved to Raleigh, NC from Philly/King of Prussia/Collegeville, PA.  We’ve been here since September 2005.  A lot of things have happened since we moved but I’ll get into that later as this blog develops.  Carlos and I are quite introverted and some may even say boring but we’re two happy people and Lili’s Notes will be a good way for us to connect with people we otherwise never would have.  We enjoy working out, going out to eat, watching our shows together, hiking and camping (sometimes with our dogs) and exploring new places.

House Projects:  Carlos and I have delayed doing improvements to our house because we have been trying to create an emergency fund first.  We’ve decided it’s time to start doing some of the improvements, even if little by little.  We’ll share with you our successes and our failures too.

Fitness goals:  For a long time now I’ve wanted to get in shape.  Each time I tried I don’t make it pass the first 10-20 lbs lost.  I know the most important factor is nutrition and most of the time I have it in place but ‘most’ is not enough.  Good nutrition coupled with consistency, dedication, a positive mental attitude and an active lifestyle, are what will allow me to finally accomplish my longed for transformation.  I hope that talking about it with the world, it will help motivate and drive me as well as my readers, to get in the best shape of our lives.

Finally, you’ll be seeing changes happening regularly on the site so please bear with me as I learn about web site design.

I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog…don’t forget to leave me comments, they make me =)

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    Hi, nice blog. I am a Pet Nutritionist who loves human nutrition too. I helped my husband lose over 35 pounds, so I started a blog to share the “how” with everyone. U may find things u will like there http://feedright4people.com
    Check it out and let me know what u think! I also have a pet blog feedright4pets.wordpress.com u may also enjoy
    Cheers and good luck!!


    I think you both are wonderful people with a great heart and wonderful parents to your pups. Hey maybe one day we can work out together!! God bless and remember life is full of dreams, we just have to make them happen.


      Hi Christina, thanks for checking in! We try to be good doggy parents. Thanks for your kind words. Working out together sounds like a lot of fun. We’ll have to plan something!


    Thank you for visiting me, I read both of your comments, and I hope you knew that the one on Tora was an April Fools joke.

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