Jul 102011
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As everyone, we have a lot of things we need to do in our house.  Things we NEED to get done and things we’d like to because it would be nice for the house and would make us happy.  We also have non-house  things we need to save up for.

I find the easiest way to keep track is to have one big list with categories.  Under each category I’ll list the “to do” item and put a line through it when its completed.  I also add items as needed.  Once in a while I re-write my list.  because if I have too many things crossed out, I feel it looks too messy – I like clean lists = )

Here are some of the things we need to get done and/or save up for:

Important needs:

Jeep Engine

Sasha’s amputation and chemo treatment Updated May 20, 2012

Save up for Tommy’s surgery (rear left leg)

Tires for Carlos’ WRX

Find out why Jeep is overheating/repair  September 30, 2012

Repair WRX’s AC

Tires for my Jeep  Updated May 20, 2012

Important wants:

New Laptop Updated September 30, 2012

To Do:

Remove kitchen linoleum

  • Install laminate the floors

Redo storage unit!!

  • Organize both storage units and carport
  • Create under-eaves storage as seen here but maybe 1/2 the size so that we can install a zinc next to it

Sand and stain coffee table

Sand and stain side tables?

Install rod and curtains above patio doors

Clean all molding in house

Connect laminate floor to hardwood floor

Paint living room 1

Paint living room 2

Make or buy curtain rod for living room

Make or buy curtains for living room

Install molding in the fireplace living room and dining area  Updated September 30, 2012

Paint paneling in kitchen

Sand and paint kitchen cabinets

Convert carport into garage?? and move washer/dryer out??

Furnishings/Projects to Slowly Save Up For:

Sofa for fireplace living room

Fire place insert  Updated May 20, 2012 –  Completed Winter of 2011

Rug for living rooms

1 large rug or 2 small rugs for our bedroom

Rug for 2nd bedroom

Rug for office

New curtains for french patio doors

Furniture for fire place living room Purchased the Avery sofa!

Redo deck most of it got done the 4th of July weekend

  • Finish deck

Wooden fence  We have decided to keep the chain link fence and save our pennies for other things

Furnishings we will attempt to build:

2 beds from Ana White

Modular office desk from Ana White  or like this DIY desk from little HOUSE BLOG

Buy or build a new TV/media console

Buy or build night tables


Fix crawl space leak

Clear gutters

  • Fix broken gutter!  Updated May 20, 2012

Make something to hold our firewood  Updated May 20, 2012

Clear and improve vegetable garden

Clear and improve vegetable bed

Check pots we have for planting in spring

Plant asparagus under kitchen window?—>next season

Clear-up under living room window – heavy duty tools will need to be rented

Rent a pressure washer to wash house (we got a pressure washer – used but free and works great!)

Small Miscellaneous:

DIY a dry erase calendar or, DIY a chalk board as seen here

Organize and paint coat closet

Organize offce/3rd bedroom (build a storage day bed??)

Paint pantry

As you can see, our list is LONG and I didn’t list everything – it would just be too much!  As many things as we’d like to get done, we need to prioritize.  We’d love to buy another house w/more land…at least 1/2 – 3/4 of an acre!  So, with this in mind.  We need to be smart about the things we want to/need to/should get done.

Do you keep lists?  How do you organize them?  How do you tackle your projects, one room at a time or every room at once, little by little?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

~ Lili

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    Whew! I got tired just reading all you need to do! I used to keep a whole notebook of my to do lists but I was getting obessessed so I made myself not do to do lists. Just seeing the undone items staring at me made me stress. So I opted to do reminders instead and organizing them on my cell phone. Simple things like appointments to keep and even garbage day.

    Having 3 girls and driving them around really does get confusing so I have reminders as to the different times and days I have to pick them up from school, volleyball, football, basketball, friends houses, movie theater……I am not at the stage where I remind myself of their names ….. they remind me themselves when I just stare at them LOL.

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