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Oct 152012
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A few weeks ago, we took Sasha and Argus swimming.  They both love the water, but their experience has been in lakes, creeks, and the ocean.  With Sasha now being a tripawd, and Argus’ arthritis, they cannot handle the distance to get to our outdoor swimming spots.  So, after posting questions on City Data and Craigslists, about suggestions for where we could take our buddies, Carlos and I decided to try an indoor pool at a place in Durham, NC.

Both Argus and Sasha had a great time, and unfortunately I forgot my video camera.  On top of that, Carlos’ camera was not cooperating, so the only pictures we have of their first indoor swimming experience were taken with our smartphone.

Argus with his life vest

Tri-legged swimmer – wearing a harness, not a life vest = )

The concept of a swimming pool totally eludes Argus

Pooped pups – Swimming uses a lot of energy

They had a great time, but we need to find another place for Argus.   Several people responded to my posting about swimming spots, so we have a few places to check out.  We’ll keep you updated where else the ‘kiddos’ go swimming.

Do you have a special swimming spot for your 4-legged friends?  A doggy spa, maybe?!

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    I’m glad to see Sasha is still enjoying her favorite activities! She is definitely a one-of-a-kind dog, and was one of my favorite patients to see at Penn Vet – such a loving friend, and such a strong girl!


      Aw, thank Anna, that’s so sweet of you to say! She is a strong girl and is certainly enjoying herself, especially with the temperatures dropping – she’s a cold weather girl =) We hope to be going back to Penn Vet (soon), hopefully we get to see some snow, as she loves to lay on it and chew sticks =)


    Hi Lili,

    I want to send my best wishes out to you folks and Sasha. I’ve been following your posts concerning Sasha’s experience in Penn’s OSA clinical trial. I’m wondering how her most recent chest radiographs went.

    My dog, Henry (6 yr-old Alaskan Malamute) and I are walking a very similar path to yours—just a few paces behind. Henry was diagnosed via standard radiograph w/ OSA ~2 months ago. The tumor was located at the proximal humerus. He underwent a full RT leg amputation w/in days of diagnosis and began Carboplatin chemotherapy once the surgical wound had healed sufficiently for transport. He had his 3rd chemo session on 10/16/12 and is scheduled for 3 additional treatments (in other words, the standard protocol). I requested digital radiographs last week and the radiologist said they were clear. Of course, a CT scan might show something different.

    During the course of researching OSA I found mention of the Advaxis-UPenn trial (Henry’s oncologist was completely unaware of it and has yet to comment on the literature I left for her—we’re not exactly feeling a lotta support). I immediately left vmail/email for Dr. Mason to find out if she was still accepting dogs into the trial. And as you know, she was/is. The hunt for Henry’s tumor block was on since it was sent to Colorado State University. It was finally located but CSU took several weeks to send slides to Penn for staining (they just arrived this week). Dr. Mason hopes to have the HER-2/neu results by tomorrow.

    I confess I’m not sleeping very well and my anxiety level is high waiting for these results. And I’m sure you can relate to how difficult it is to straddle this type of fence: do you hope your dog’s cancer doesn’t express the HER-2/neu protein because this means it could be an in situ tumor or at least the much less aggressive form, or do you hope there is evidence of the protein and through the modified Listeria vaccine, a higher chance at a normal lifespan?

    I’m gratified to hear that Sasha’s experience at Penn, and w/ Dr. Mason were positive. If Henry’s tumor does express the protein, we’d be making our trek from Santa Fe, NM, to Philadelphia for the 3 vaccinations.

    Thanks for reading (in advance) this somewhat fretful missive. I wish I could attach a pic of Henry in my pajama top during his recovery from the amputation surgery! Quite fetching per Dr. Mason.

    And last, I’m so envious that you guys have a pool in your area for your dogs to play in. We have nothing like this in Santa Fe.

    All my best,



      Hi Robin,

      Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for asking about Sasha. She is doing great. Her most recent radiographs came back just like the last ones. All evidence of the cloud that appeared in her previous radiographs is gone; however, now there is something new visible. Dr. Hauck and the radiologists here at NC State are not overly concerned by the new radiographs. The cloud appears precisely where a vein overlays her second right rib. There is also a third structure, which at this time I am unable to remember what that is, that also intersects exactly at the same point. The hope is that all of these intersecting bodies are the cause of the cloud in the radiographs. Another reason that we and the doctors believe the cloud is likely nothing to worry about, is that it is only visible in one of the radiographs. In all views but one, the cloud cannot be seen.

      Carlos and I are very sorry to hear about your Henry. We definitely understand the kind of stress and anxiety that you have been feeling. Not everyone feels the same way about their pets as we do, but for those out there that do, something like a diagnosis of cancer is devastating. There is no question about the depth of your love for your dog if you are willing to travel thousands of miles (multiple times) to give him a chance at a longer life. Henry is very lucky to have you, and I am sure the feeling is mutual.

      Please do send us photos of Henry. We’d love to see them, especially in your pajama top! Please keep us updated on Henry’s progress, and also, feel free to write about his story. We have space available on Lili’s Notes especially for Henry! Write as much or as little as you like. Send everything to: lili@lilisnotes.com.

      Take care, get some good sleep, and give Henry a big hug from all of us here in NC.

      Liliana and Carlos

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