Nov 012012
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Sasha went back to NC State on October 15th for some follow-up radiographs, a month earlier than normally scheduled.  The reason for the early return to NC State was that another shadow appeared in the radiographs taken of her lungs back on September 18th.

We dropped Sasha off with Dr. Hauck in the morning, and would have to wait until 5pm for the results of her new radiographs.  We were a little anxious about what we would find out, of course, but we also were feeling positive.  Sasha had been acting completely normal; she was active and happy.  We even started taking her swimming at an indoor facility just for dogs.  Sasha loves swimming so much; she must have been a seal in a past life!

Liliana stopped by the house after work and picked me up so that we could pick up Sasha together.  It didn’t take long for Dr. Hauck to meet us in the waiting room area and bring us into an examination room.  She explained to Liliana and I that, once again, the blemish that appeared in last month’s radiographs of Sasha’s chest had disappeared.  Unfortunately, also like last time, a new white cloud was now visible.

Dr. Hauck explained that we should not be alarmed at the new finding.  It was very small, and like last time, no determination could be made as to what the cloud actually was.  In fact, it was her and the radiologist’s opinion that the new cloud was likely nothing more than the intersection of one of Sasha’s ribs, along with a vein and some other internal body.  Dr. Hauck showed the new radiographs to Liliana and me, and though we aren’t experts at reading radiographs, the intersection theory seemed like a fairly obvious conclusion.

So, we left NC State feeling good about Sasha’s current condition, and planed on carrying on as we had been doing.  Sasha would continue to go swimming at least once per week, her diet would stay the same (Orijen), and hugs, kisses, rubs, pats, and “good girls” would continue to be handed out liberally.  Sasha approves of this course of action!

Sasha is scheduled to go back to NC State on the 19th of November.  We will write again – hopefully in a timelier manner – about her checkup, and let everyone know how she is doing.  We would really like to travel to Philadelphia for Sasha’s January checkup.  I know Sasha would love to see Dr. Mason, and Liliana and I would enjoy the visit also.

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