Sep 042013
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Sasha-Hot-Springs-4Hi everybody!  It has been a while since our last post, and some of you have asked for an update on how Sasha is doing.  Well, I am happy to let you all know that, as I am writing this post, Sasha is chillin’ on her Big Shrimpy dog bed.  And I say that quite literally; Sasha is stretched out on the bed, and we have a fan blowing directly on her.  Cooler weather is on the way, but for now, Sasha needs fans to keep cool!

In our last post about Sasha, we wrote that she was feeling great, and we included a video of her playing with her ‘frisbee’. Since then, Sasha has gone through some ups and downs.  She remained happy, healthy and active for a couple weeks after that post, but then there was a little incident.

Sasha started to show lameness in her arm.  It seemed to start one day after she got down from our bed.  We recently purchased a new mattress.  We decided to do without a frame or a box spring so that it would be low for Sasha’s benefit.  We also have two dog beds at the foot end of our bed that we keep partly under our mattress so that they are stable and do not move so as to make getting down easier for Sasha.  Unfortunately, Sasha decided to get down onto another dog bed that we have next to our bed (Yes, we have many dog beds).  That particular bed was not secured under our mattress, and it slid out as Sasha stepped onto it.

At first, we didn’t connect that incident with her new lameness.  In fact, we thought that she was experiencing pain in her left leg.  I suppose we automatically assumed the worst when we saw her stumbling around, and thought that the pain was coming from her leg or hip, where she has tumors.  I’m sure that if she still had both arms, it would have been obvious what was going on, but with only one arm and a leg with cancer, we were fooled.  I don’t remember exactly what Sasha did that finally made it clear that her arm is where the pain was.  If I supported her front end, she would plant both rear feet firmly on the ground and support her rear without a problem.  If I removed support from her front end, she would collapse.

Unfortunately, Sasha is now clearly showing that she is feeling pain in her rear.  I babied her as much as I could once I realized that her arm was hurting her.  I carried her everywhere, and used her Ruffwear harness to help her do her business outside.  I figured that the cause of the pain that she was feeling in her arm was due to an injury from getting down off of our bed, and so by helping her to not use her arm, it might heal.  The good news is that her arm is feeling much better.  She is able to walk around now on her own, unassisted.  There is more to tell about Sasha’s arm, and her health in general, but I will save that for another post.

–          A couple days have passed since I wrote the above part of this post and the part below –

Sasha came home from NC State today.  She had a bone scan performed on Tuesday, and she needed to spend the night at the hospital until she was no longer radioactive!  I’ll write another post soon to update you all on her status.  Thank you to all who read this blog.  We appreciate the comments, e-mails and all the well wishes.  Liliana and I pass on all of your love and caring to Sasha.

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    It is always nice to hear how Shasha is doing Liliana. Brings a smile to my day.



    Nice to see Sasha is doing well. What a strong dog. Can only hope things look good with her bone scan and that she will continue to recover. Look forward to your next post. Go Sasha


    Sasha is a real fighter. Wishing the best for her, you and your family.


    Liliana and Carlos,

    You and Sasha are in my thoughts. I’ve been intending to send an email w/ pics of Henry for a looong time. But it seems that when I think of doing this, things have either changed w/ Henry’s status or mine as regards my ankle. Those ups and downs.

    But I just caught up on Sasha while here at Henry’s oncologist (some downs) and decided that too much time has passed since I poked my head up to say “Hi.”

    Henry’s one-year anniversary was last month. I remain impressed at how well Sasha has done. Chest x-rays are ready so gotta go. I’ll send mail and some pics later.

    Please take care.

    Robin and Henry


    Ah. Well. About those chest rads…

    Before yesterday, Henry’s last chest rads were on 8/2. He was coughing. A lot. Saw his primary vet’s new fresh-out-of-school associate. No mets seen. Cough continued. I knew something wasn’t right. And last week he became extremely fatigued, not interested in food (the universal language of Malamutes), not interested in keeping the cats in line. Just plain not interested.

    Yesterday’s rads show a baseball-sized mass in his right lung. Began Carboplatin infusion again. Vitamin B12 and steroid injections to kickstart his appetite. Today he begins Previcox (NSAID replacing Rimadyl for now). Ordering k-9 Immunity (“magic mushrooms” from Hawai’i his oncologist loves) today. Rads on Tuesday to check spread or non spread of mass and go from there. Surgery’s an option w/ all its inherent risks. If the chemo slows the tumor growth long enough for him to be strong enough for a surgical option, it could possibly give him another year or so. Unless of course, it takes hold elsewhere.

    Here’s something ironic: I recently found out that a CT angio taken during my hospital stay after my ankle break back in December showed a mass in my right lung. No one ever mentioned it. My primary was reviewing the records and alerted me. I go in for a CT scan of the upper-right lobe of my right lung tomorrow. Seems Henry and I are somehow in lock-step w/ one another. He’s just a bit further ahead.


      Hi Robin! It is so nice to hear from you. Liliana and I often think of you and Henry, and wonder how the two of you are doing. We’re both so sorry to hear the news about the mass in Henry’s lung, but at the same time, we are very happy that he is still with you. Now, as for your CT scan results, Please let us know the outcome! You and Henry are often in our thoughts, but you will be even more so now. I cannot believe that your scan showed something in the same place that Henry has his mass – the two of you are a little too well synced!

      Our fingers are crossed for both of you. We hope that Henry starts to feel better, and that surgery is an option if that is the way you choose to go. And our best wishes to you and hoping your scans come back clean. I know they will.

      Take care, and please give Henry some love from all of us here!

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