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Sep 122012
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I have already shared these videos on my Facebook page, but I thought it would be a good idea to also share there here, on Lili’s Notes.

I’m working (though slowly) on improving my video making skills = )

Watch how happy our girl is!!

Feel free to share any video making tips = )

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    Sasha does look like a very happy girl.I pray she continues to do well! She plays as hard as Abby does! Abby and Ziva have been chasing each other around the coffee table again. Not exactly like they used to but it’s still great to see them play together again. Abby is scheduled for her last Carboplatin on the 26th. We still haven’t heard anything about the spot on her x-ray so we’re hoping no news is good news.

    Give Sasha a big hug and kiss from both of us and the girls!


      Hi Barbara! Thanks for stopping by and checking in on Sasha! I think she is a happy girl, and now with cooler weather, she is even more happy! Sasha would much rather be inside vegetating on her bed when the temperatures are hot outside, but when the mercury falls, she gets all spunky and her entire demeanor changes.

      We are happy to hear that Abby is doing well too! It’s always nice to see your dog/s playing and enjoying themselves, but I think it becomes even more special to see them having fun after they’ve been through as much as our girls have. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that everything continues to go well for Abby!


    Hi again, I just wanted to give you all an update on Abby. She recieved her 4th and final Carboplatin infusion today as well as another x-ray. She did well with the chemo and the x-ray did not show anything unusual. Dr. Berdoulay will be drawing blood from Abby to see if her immune system is back to where it should be on the 18th and if all goes well with that, she will be #6 in the study and recieve her workup and vaccine on the 29th. She will be recieving a higher dose of the vaccine than initially given to Sasha and the second and third dogs.

    Abby keeps gaining weight so I’m going to have to start giving her less food so she will lose at least 5 pounds. She is doing so well and is completely back to normal. It’s so wonderful to see her running and playing with Ziva, chasing squirrels and barking at everything she hears on the other side of the fence.

    I hope Sasha is continuing to do well. Give her a big hug from all of us! Dr. Mason was telling me today what a great dog Sasha is. You can tell that from your videos and pictures!


      Hi Barbara,

      Carlos and I are so happy for all of you, and we are so glad Abby is doing well, and that her X-rays came out clean. Hopefully her immune system will be back to normal and she will be able to proceed with the treatment at UPenn as scheduled.

      I am sure you are very happy to see Abby back to her old self. She needs to be strong so that she and Ziva can keep those little terrorist squirells under control!

      Sasha is doing great! With starting a new job and trying to get back into a routine, as well as doing things with the dogs, I have been neglecting the blog a little. We should have a few new posts up by Sunday = )

      Please keep us updated on Abby and her and Ziva’s adventures = )



    Hi Liliana & Carlos.

    Just thought I’d stop by to see how the humans and the pack are doing. Tomorrow morning I’m taking Dolly to meet with Dr. Mason. Now that she’s finished the carboplatin it’s on to the battery of tests and hopefully the vaccine.

    I hope you are all well and hope to hear from you soon!

    Take good care,
    Rachel & Dolly


      Hi Rachel and Dolly,

      Nice to hear from you! We are so glad to hear Dolly made it through her chemo treatments and is now ready to move on to the study at UPenn. Has Dolly been back to Whissahickon trail recently? Did she have a good time at your parents in Lancaster? Things have been hectic for us here, but Sasha has been enjoying the cooler weather. She’ll be even happier when we wake up to frost in the mornings. This morning we took her and Tommy swimming at an indoor poor for dogs in Durham.

      We hope all goes well with the tests, please keep us updated. Give Dolly a big hug from us!

      Best wishes,
      Carlos and Liliana


    Thanks for the continued updates. Best wishes on a long term cure. I’m an investor in Advaxis and have followed your blog. Did you know Advaxis corporate website has a link to your blog too? Also, have you considered adding some advertisements onto your blog? It might help generate some income.. not sure how many hits the blogs getting but it was just a thought:-)
    All the best and my thanks for your family sharing this most moving and personal story with all of us.


      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for stopping by. We appreciate your well-wishes for Sasha. She is a strong dog with a strong will, and we hope to have her with us for a long time! I wasn’t aware that the Advaxis website was linking to I have not been checking Google Analytics, or any other third party analytics for this blog. Thank you for your suggestion about advertisements. I put together a site a few months back solely for the purpose of generating a little income from ads. Unfortunately, I have been neglecting that other site since Sasha’s cancer diagnosis. I really should put more effort into our web efforts. We will definitely do our best to start increasing the number of posts that we write here on If it generates a little side money, that would be great. Toys and treats for the dogs!

      Thanks for writing, and I hope you continue to visit!

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