Lazy Sunday

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Apr 222012
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Our Sunday was one of those days when not much gets done.  I say not much gets done, but we did work on a few things.  I worked on my final essay, which is due next Tuesday.  I read about creating buttons in WordPress, and read a couple of magazines I’ve had for over a month – now they can be donated = )  I also placed an order for our protein powder and supplements that we are running low on.  Carlos has been working on a project and has also been helping me with my essay.  I baked chocolate protein bars and made some chocolate protein popsicles.  The dogs have been lazy.  I am surprised that they did not ask to go outside much, and the times I’d get up and open the door, I had to make them go out.  Strange.  They always run out the door like they are ready to attack whatever might be outside.  Oh, and I washed our bed sheets and cover.  And now my buttocks hurt.  I don’t like sitting for a long time, I feel unaccomplished.  I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow.

How was your Sunday?

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