An Update on Molly

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Nov 142012
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Molly keeps fighting through adversity.

Below is an e-mail sent to us from Molly’s mom, Jennifer.

On September 28th, we received the sad news that Molly’s cancer had returned and went to her lung. We decided  not to seek any more chemo therapy and keep her comfortable and give her quality. About 2 weeks later we changed our minds due to some urging from our family members. Molly had her first adriamyacin treatment on October 11th. She was given cerenia for nausea and fortunately she did not vomit. 5 days later, she had episodes of bloody diarrhea(this is an expected side effect) Medication was prescribed and the diarrhea only lasted for 2 days. Ten days after Molly’s chemo, she had blood work done which showed her levels were quite low. On November 4th, we contacted Dr. Mason because Molly had some rapid breathing that concerned us. We made arrangements to bring Molly to UPenn the following day for a chest radio-graph. It revealed that the main tumor grew from 2 cm to 3 cm and the other two tumors shrank from 1.5 cm to 1.2 cm. Dr. Mason stated that she was surprised that Molly presented so healthy, she was not expecting that.  Molly had her 2nd chemo treatment last Tuesday and seemed to tolerate it well. This past Sunday, we noticed that Molly has begun to cough intermittently. Molly is scheduled for follow up blood work early next week. Molly’s appetite is still good and so is her energy. Molly is scheduled for a follow up appt. at UPenn at the end of November. My feeling is that the sicker your dog becomes as a response to the vaccine, the better. Molly’s symptoms were quite mild. We will keep you posted.

We are happy to hear that Molly continues to feel well with a good appetite and good energy.  Quality of life is the most important thing, and it seems that, though Molly has hit a rough patch in the road, she nonetheless is  happy.  We wish Jennifer, Mark, and Molly all the best.

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    Prayers and well wishes sent for Molly and her family. Let’s hope this is a minor setback and the vaccine kicks in soon and shrinks those those tumors away completely!


    Thanks for your kind words. Molly continue to look and feel well. Seven weeks ago she was given two months to live. She definitely was more time.


      Molly you look pretty good for havnig Chemo. I know what that is like. I had to have it too. And you just have to be positive and maybe you will live a lot longer than predicted. Anyway, lots of prayers for you Molly.


    I’m glad the Molly has a special fnired like you to do jumps on her, Ty! I miss my fnired Ginger, even though it’s easier for me to take naps in my favorite places now. I hope the Molly fools that vet and is there to play with you for a long, long time.Hugs,Zena


    Keep fighting Molly and continue to be well! Sending lots of hugs, head pats, prayers and a big bunch of positive thoughts and positive energy!

    Barbara, Pat, Ziva and Abby

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