Jan 182012
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Today I got my first writing assignment back and I thought I’d post it here for you all, especially because  I’m taking my English class to improve my grammar/writing.  This first work is just a paragraph, so its pretty short.


Shopping for Clothes and Shoes

  For a number of reasons, unlike most women, I do not like shopping for clothes or shoes.  The first reason is that being fashionable can be a costly endeavor.  Even a single pair of pants can set me back more than $50, depending on where I buy them at.  For this reason, I prefer to buy clothing items only when I need them.  The second reason why I do not like clothes shopping is because of the patience required.  Although most women I know do not mind walking into a store changing room with five different outfits and trying them all on, I do not possess that level of patience.  I usually get frustrated when the first two clothing items that I try on do not fit me properly, and then I start to get hot and cannot wait to get out of the store.  The third reason, that I get annoyed with stores offering many brands and each brand makes their clothing to certain body types that are different from mine; for example, designer A’s size ten is not the same as designer B’s size ten.  As mentioned previously, I tend to buy clothes or shoes only when I need something new.  I feel happy and satisfied when I come home with something new that I like and feel good wearing, but I simply cannot stand the whole clothes shopping experience.  Perhaps one day I will feel differently, and I will enjoy going out with my girlfriends to the mall.  For now, I will continue to avoid adding new items to my wardrobe unless necessary.

Believe it or not, I got a 98, a score higher than I expected.  This paragraph was not hard because I do not enjoy shopping (unless its at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot), so coming up with a few examples was easy.  Though I prefer short writing assignments, from here on out, I’ll have to write a couple of essays of 500 words and two other ones of at least 750 words.

Writing is not easy for me.  More often than not I hit road blocks where I feel like my mind cannot function, even about topics I’m passionate about such as animals, consumerism, and fitness.  As I go along with my class and writing assignments, I’ll be sure to share with you my graded work.

Feel free to share your “constructive” criticism, but please be nice = ) and wish me luck!

~ L.

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