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Feb 012012
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It’s my second week back at the gym and things are going well.  Last week I posted my routine for a day but did not update on the rest of the week.  Here is my recap.

Wednesday 1/25:  Took two Less Mills classes: CXWORX (30 min.) and RPM (60 min but usually 45 minutes).  I love RPM, especially with good instructors like a good friend of mine.  CXWORX was ok.  It’s a new release and having tried an older release, I prefer the older one.  Other than my weight routine and these classes, I helped Carlos arrange firewood in our house, and we went to pick up more wood and then unload it.  I never would have thought loading and unloading wood would be such a great workout, but it kept me from gaining weight up until Christmas, at which point cookies were baked and the will power died, lol!

Anyhow.  This week has been busy.  I had an initial interview with a staffing agency about a position.  I’ve been shopping for clean food and prepping so that its easy to grab and go; hitting the gym and walking the dogs.  Good thing I’m not working, yet = )  Prepping food is great because it helps me avoid eating something that will not get my closer to my goals.  I’m not talking about fast food like Burger Kind and McDonald’s, my husband and I gave up on that type of food a long time ago.  What I am talking about is Chipotle.  It’s so yummy!  We use to buy it often, but we always get a bowl with double meat, so we are able to make two meals out of it!  Makes the cost about $4.50 per meal, not too bad, we think.

OK.  About my training.  We are walking the dogs more often and the walks are about 3.5-4 mph.  Very soon I want to start training to run a 5K.  This will mean I have to walk/run for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  Additionally, I’ll be following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 Week Trainer.  I followed it last year for 8 weeks and dropped 10 lbs, most importantly, I dropped a size!

So, this week’s training looks like this (only gone to the gym one day!).   Though it was not the 1st week of the trainer, that starts Monday 2/13.  This week and next week will be prep weeks remind my muscles about weights = )

Wednesday 2/01

Bench Press: 45×15, 50×10, 55×10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 10×10, 12.5×12, 12.5×12

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press: 12.5×10, 15×10, 15×10

Front Delt Raise to a “T”: 7.5×10, 7.5×10, 7.5×10

Wide Pushups: 3 sets of 12

Narrow Pushups: 3 sets of 12

Side Lateral Raises: 7.5×12, 5×12, 5×12

Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Fly: 5×12, 5×12

Overhead Triceps Dumbbell Extensions (2 hands): 7.5×12, 10×12, 10×12

Triceps Pushdowns (with v/Bar): 60×12, 60×12, 60×12

I had thought about going to do another CXWORX and RPM (60 min), but my husband suggested I let the muscles repair.  Tomorrow is my Push day which means training back and biceps.  Friday morning I’ll be training legs and abs.  Also, Friday we head out of town.  It’ll be a quick trip…we are going back home to PA.  More on that next week!

Its time to start my homework.  We are reviewing Antecedent Agreement.  And I’d like to get dinner ready for when Carlos comes back from his class.  Then time for a doggie walk, though we may skip it as 3 of the fur kids are limping.

So, how is everyone’s week going?  Have you started a new plan or project?

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