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Apr 112013
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Alli went to the vet yesterday for a lumpectomy. We noticed that she had a small growth in her upper lip (right side of muzzle) about six months ago. We were not too worried at the time. Dr. Neuenschwander felt confident that the bump was benign, but explained to us that if it continued to grow, we should consider having it removed. If we waited too long, it would be difficult to close and suture the wound.

Dr. N removed the lump without any problems, and sent it to the lab for analysis. He said that it looked to be a cyst, but he wanted to be sure. Alli was still in a stupor when we went to pick her up in the afternoon, so we decided, under the advice of Dr. N and Christina, to let her spend the night at the office just in case she opened the incision while staggering around. They would be able to respond to her needs immediately, and we would not take the chance of needing to rush her to a 24 hour clinic and pay hundreds of dollars to have her patched up.

Alli is back home with her family now. Dr. N and Christina said that she was a good patient, but Alli couldn’t get out of the office quickly enough! She kept looking at me with a confused expression and seemed to be asking me why I would take her to that dreaded place and let those mean people do such horrid things to her. Alli is my baby, and she knows just how to pull at my heart strings.

Check out Alli’s incision and stitches. She’s going to have a huge scar, but she’s ok with that because it will give her street cred!IMG_20130410_115946(1)

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