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May 282012
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Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone had a lovely and fun weekend.

I’ll recap a small part of our Saturday before I share our “Lazy Sunday” = )

Saturday we started our day with a very healthy breakfast:  scramble eggs, turkey bacon and thin bread (can’t remember the real name)

Compared that to eating pizza (more on the pizza below) on  Sunday for breakfast = )

We also took the dogs out to play off-leash, and they had a blast.  The one who got to go off-leash were Alli, Shelby, Tommy and Maddie.  I forgot to take my camera, so I don’t have pictures = (  I have to remember to always have it with me.  Anyway, the gals and the little man had a great time, but because it was a bit hot, didn’t stay out long.  These dogs of ours do not like the heat, they much prefer cold weather, just like me and Carlos.  The only bad thing about this outing is that Tommy ended up hurting his rear left leg.  I hope, not to long from now, we can go ahead and afford the surgery he needs.

After taking the other 4 dogs home, we took Sasha and Argus for a short stroll.  We actually drove to our neighborhood park, but we ended up parking at the elementary school.  We talked in an area that’s between the school and the park its a lovely area and often people take their dogs to play there for a little while.  Argus gets tired pretty fast, and Sasha, being a tripawd, struggles to walk like she used to.  It was a nice walk and both were very happy.  Sasha kept running, then she’d pause for a minute, then she’d run again.  We walked around a jungle gym and these dogs started acting as kids would!  They both slid down the sliding boar, yes, even Sasha.  She seemed unsure at first, but I encouraged her and down she went.  When Sasha and Argus were little, we used to go to a park behind a supermarket called Clemen’s in Trappe, PA.  The jungle gym at this park had a bridge, and for some reason, Sasha always claimed it.  That was her bridge.  Because they grew up playing in jungle gyms, they love them.  I used to want to get one for our yard, but we just never looked for one.  But maybe its still not to late.

Something else I did on Sunday.  Detergent.  I ran out a few days ago, so I went to Walmart to buys Fels Naptha, but the store I went to didn’t carry it.  Carlos had told me he read that some people used ZOTE, so I purcahsed a bar.  A ZOTE pink bar.

I grabbed the other ingredients (borax and washing soda) and got to working.

The process and the end result is the same as when using Fels Naptha, its just pink instead of yellow.  However, we much prefer to use the yellow bar.  The ZOTE was very sticky, and I didn’t like that.  It’s definitely a good alternative if Fels Naptha can’t be found, but I’ll be buying more of the yellow bar for future laundry detergents.

I had not mentioned.  After eating as clean as we could, on Saturday we decided to have a pizza from Roma’s Pizza, the best pizza we’ve had here in Raleigh.  We also shared a small “Philly Cheesesteak.”    On top of this, I cooked Octopus pasta for lunch on Sunday, which made me bloat big time – yummy, but no fun!  And, to end the string of bad eating, for dinner, we had a Chipotle bowl.  We had not been there in about 3 months, and this is a place we used to go to at least once a week.  I must say, I was craving a bowl, and even though I did enjoy it, it was not as special as I remember it.  I guess its because my taste buds are changing and I’m getting used to eating fresh, clean home cooked meals.  Also, this morning my stomach hurt, just like every time I eat Chipotle.  This is one reason we were not going there, I always get sick the after I eat it.  I used to think it was the salsa, so I stopped adding it, but I would still get sick.  Then I reduced the amount of sour cream and cheese, and at time, I would go without both, but I would still get sick.  I really have no idea what it could be, so it was best to stop eating there.  Now I can go for another 3 months (or more) without it.  I plan on making our own bowls.  I prepared some a while back and they were GOOD.  I’ll be sure to share details when I make them again.

Tommy resting last night:

~ Lili

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