Flying Peepees!

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Mar 052014
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Sasha has this new thing that she likes to do.  Or, at least, she gives me the impression that she enjoys doing it.  I call it flying peepees.

When Liliana and I get home from work, we each have our jobs to do.  Actually, it starts at the end of our road. When I turn on to our road, I accelerate to about 35 mph, (the posted speed limit) and then put the car into neutral and coast all the way to our driveway.  Stealth is the name of the game, and only when we reach our driveway do I need to shift into 1st gear and zoom up the hill.  Almost simultaneously, when the car comes to a stop, I turn the ignition off and pull the key out, pull the handbrake up and open my door.  Liliana is also hurriedly exiting the vehicle at this same time.  As I walk the few steps from my car to the house, I find the house key and bring it into position to slide into the keyhole.  The key goes in, I twist and the tumblers slide and fall and the door opens.  I dance my way in through the tangle of dogs with Liliana no more than a pace behind.  We are moving as quickly as possible while doing our best to avoid stepping on any of the sixteen quickly moving paws of Argus, Alli, Tommy and Shelby.  I take the western route past the dining table while Liliana takes the eastern pass and opens the French doors to the backyard releasing the long-cooped up pack.  As the last of the dogs, usually Argus, flies off the deck stairs, I am speeding back through the dining area with Sasha in my arms.  I never know how far I’ll make it.  Sometimes I don’t make it off the deck, and sometimes I almost make all the way to the back fence when it happens.  FLYING PEEPEES!!!!

I think Sasha’s aerial urination practice began one day when we took a little too long getting home, and she just couldn’t wait for me to put her down on the grass – or whatever the green stuff is that we have growing in our yard.  After that time, flying peepees has become a daily practice for Sasha.  Sometimes, Sasha will do flying peepees even if she has recently been outside. This is why I have come to the conclusion that Sasha simply enjoys relieving her bladder from a higher place.

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