Meet Dolly!

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Aug 042012
Meet Dolly!

On May 31, 2012, Dolly, a six-year old dog, and her owner Rachel, received the sad news that Dolly had osteosarcoma.  Since her diagnosis, Dolly has had her rear left leg removed has received two treatments of carboplatin chemotherapy.  Rachel learned of the Mason Bone Cancer Study going on at the School of Veterinary Medicine […]

Jul 222012
Sasha - One Week Post Treatment

About a week has passed since we returned to Raleigh from Philadelphia, where Sasha received her first treatment in the Mason Bone Cancer Study.  She is doing extremely well!  Take a look at this video: We took Sasha to our local vet on Wednesday to have blood drawn and sent to Dr. Mason at UPenn. […]

Jun 262012
Pitbulls and DNA Tests

A couple of days ago, Liliana sent me a link to one of her favorite blogs: Love & a six-foot leash.  I had visited this site before and enjoyed looking at the photos of Aleksandra’s dogs, and the dogs that she fosters.  Aleksandra and her family help a few unlucky pit bull-type dogs by taking […]

Jun 182012
Shake – Carli Davidson

  Carli Davidson does a beautiful job at capturing the strange and distorted faces of dogs shaking.  Her stop-action photographs of dogs (and one cat) show what happens to the loose skin and fur of our four legged best friend’s faces when they shake their heads from side-to-side, as they do when they get wet.  […]

Mar 192012

Sasha continues to do well.  We brought her back from the vet’s office on Thursday after having her right arm amputated due to a tumor on her humerus caused by osteosarcoma.  Her pain seems to have diminished greatly even though we have begun to ween her off of her pain meds.  She wags her tail […]

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