May 112012
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We are almost half way through the year, and I thought it was a good time to check in and see how we are doing with our New Year’s goals.

No matter the goal, it can be hard to stay the course, I know.  If you took a detour, it’s OK,  as long as you get back on the track and don’t give up.  Take little steps if you need to.  I read recently that as long as we keeps moving forward, we are making progress.

With that said, here are my original goals, and ext to each goal I’ve added some ‘updates’ in red.

  1. Post on the blog 2-3 times a week.  As of Monday, May 7, 2012, I have made 35 posts.  Not as many as I should have, had I stuck with my goal.  I am posting more now though, and will continue to do so.
  2. Learn WordPress!  I plan on checking online tutorials and maybe buying a book.  Even though I could find everything there is to learn online, I like to have a book as a reference.  I have not been very good about learning…for some, it overwhelms me.  Enough with the excuse reasons, I have to do it, but there is so much to learn, its frustrating.  Ugh!
  3. Read at least 6 books (fiction, non-fiction, business, and self-help/motivational).  Yeah, not so good on the reading either.  One weekend I felt great and read 2 chapters!  I will get on it though, I know I can, I just have to do it.  Maybe I should reduce the amount?! 
  4. Walk our dogs at least 3 days per week, once a day, around the neighborhood or a nearby park.  Take them to the larger parks at least once over the weekend.  This in addition to all their play time in our yard.  We have been pretty good about taking the dogs out.   While we have not gone on walks as much as I stated in my goal, we do take them to run off-leash, which is actually better exercise for them.  I do plan on walking them though, even for short walks, except on the weekends when we like to take them for longer hikes.
  5. Loose at least 3o lbs by cleaning up my diet and exercising 5-6 days a week.  More to come on this journey.   I’ve lost 4 lbs!  Not much, I know.  However, I have been more consistent with my weight training, which is what I love, and I have been getting stronger.  I also do notice a few differences in body composition, but I am not shrinking, yet.  My diet has not been 100%.  It has been OK, but I can do better, I have to do better.  I’ve been getting very excited and motivated for the strength I’m gaining, sometimes its invigorating.  Today I saw a trainer at my gym, and I like how she looks.  I noticed she had more definition than before, which means two things, she started lifting heavier and cleaned up her diet.  That goes to show that in order to get the results I want, I need to tighten up my diet 100% and stay consistent.  As Napoleon Hill said, “Patience, Persistence, and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”  Stay tuned as I do my best to document my daily activities in regards to my training and daily eats.
  6. Start new traditions!  Carlos and I are very easy going and laid back people.  We don’t do many things for our anniversary, birthdays, etc.  It’s never too late to start traditions, so after being married almost 14 years, I would like to start.  However, because we don’t have dog sitters and boarding them would be so expensive, we need to figure out local and inexpensive traditions as well as ones to include the fury gang.  Any ideas are welcome!  Have not come up with traditions I’d like to start.  I also have not looked for any ideas online, so not much effort into this one goal, yet.  I would still like to do something though.
  7. Visit my family in AZ.  We visited them back on June 2010, and had intentions of going again this past summer, but due to our job situation it was not possible.  My plan was to visit them either in the Spring or after the Spring semester at school is over, which would be the end of May.  However, my mom mentioned she’d like to spend another Christmas with the whole family, we might not go until December, to spend the holidays with them – hopefully in Mount Lemon.  This one is dependent on getting employment, and I do not have job prospects..  The job situation is pretty tough out there.  Hopefully soon I am able to find something.  
  8. To not procrastinate!  We have a things (lists) we need to get done around the house, and I think it would be best to tackle them – if possible – before we start new jobs.  This would allow us to have the weekends to do fun projects, relax, and do things we enjoy, such as spending time with our dogs.  I am not going to lie, we have not been very active about house or fun projects.  We are starting to do more about this goal though, so I hope soon I will have some home updates and a fun project or two.

How is everyone else doing with their goals/resolutions?


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  2 Responses to “2012 goals check-up”

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    WOW! I just read through your list of goals, and your results/progress towards achieving them. It looks like WE are going to have to take more of a team approach in order to meet your/and our goals. Good work on what you have done, but we can do better.


      Ha! Yeah, we (I) need to catch if I want to reach these by the end of the year = ) They are achievable = )

      ~ L.

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